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Shatoria Whiteside is a passionate literacy educator and advocate who is changing the lives of many using literacy as her vehicle. She is a native of Winston-Salem, NC. Shatoria earned her Bachelor's Degree from North Carolina A&T University. She also holds a Master's of Education degree. 

After teaching her now six year old son to read at the age of 2 years old, she launched a literacy firm to teach other children, and assist other families with teaching their own children. There is so much power, and autonomy in being able to educate your own children, and assist teachers in sustaining and reinforcing what has been taught in school. However, she soon discovered that the greatest need was found in underserved communities, and populations who lacked the resources and the funds to access the service that she was providing. This is when R.E.A.D was birthed. 

Shatoria not only provides direct, and learner centered literacy instruction, but she also trains families on how to provide the same quality instruction. R.E.A.D prides themselves on building meaningful relationships with with those that they serve. Shatoria has been contracted out by local school systems, as well as worked with other non-profits, such as The YMCA, United Way, and other local charities to deliver resources and quality literacy instruction to those who need it the most. When she is not teaching and advocating for literacy, she enjoys cooking, baking and traveling with her husband, and two children.

Her mantra for education is that "Everywhere is a classroom. Every child has the capability and capacity to be a great reader. As educators, it is our jobs to empower them, and to get them to believe in themselves just as much as we do!

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